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End of Life Care 

Thank you for listening to the call of your soul and considering conscious engagement with the inevitable threshold of life and death. If this is all that you take with you from my offerings, your time here has been well spent.


I hold the perspective that death is a reverse birth and even though birth and death are seen as "happening to" a being, there is agency as well as surrender involved.  A baby helps birth itself and a dying person has a kind of work to do as well.  As a Soul Midwife or Death Doula I help make the purest container for you to do what it is you have to do.


A Death Doula is there

  • to walk beside you as a loving presence in any part of your journey

  • to help you find your inner agency 

  • to help your voice be heard and to advocate for you

  • to research and share your options for care

  • to educate the family about funeral and “burial” options

  • to help with Advance Care Planning.

  • to navigate the subtle territory between medical professionals and family/friends.


Each Doula brings her toolkit of offerings.  Mine includes the profound Inner Guidance Work created by Dr. Larry Nussbaum (read more here) as well as Reiki, Seven Waves Release, Music Medicine, and Artmaking. In a nutshell, I offer you an invitation to listen with the ears of your heart to what it is you truly want and let that take the lead.  I support and give grace to that which unfolds – from creating a legacy project, to writing a song, to identifying opportunities for interpersonal healing.


Should you choose, I will be there to hold vigil at your bedside in the final hours to offer you support, and also to spell off and support family members. In these times of Covid, physical presence is often limited. As the rules continue to shift, will adjust our agreements accordingly.


I am also here to help you and your family vision what kind of funeral you want and how you would like your body released.  I’m pleased to discuss and facilitate home funeral and eco-burial options. Furthermore, as Reverend Roula, I’m licensed to officiate the funeral and to offer spiritual council to family members, should this be desired.

Ready to take another step?

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