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The Spiritual Counsel I offer is based on Larry Nusbaum, MD's Inner Guidance Dialogues combined with my toolkit for Embodied Soul Attunement - an invitation to deep self-soothing, self-expression and an inner alignment that gives stable support.


Together we will let your inner wisdom speak and express itself through the listening. You are unique and the ecosystem you are part of is also unique. At the same time, we are all part of an infinite universe of Love that seeks to always help us compassionately and heroically meet our individual stories, with all their colours of pain and pleasure. Enfolded into Love, the dramas and traumas of our lives are soothed, the pain released in its time, and the suppressed life-force freed. 


The counselling I offer you is grounded in my own healing journey.

I graduated from university with a psych degree only to find myself on the psych ward months later. The years that ensued led me to do 8 years of Jungian analysis, 3 years of Freudian analysis and then 20 years of profound soul-based psychotherapy with Dr. Larry Nusbaum.  Hand in hand with the Beloved within me, Larry has respectfully guided me to heal and transform my painful history into inner riches. He has also become my mentor, trusting and supporting me to share his amazing methodology.

In Dr. Nusbaum's words...

"Our bodies and minds have an inner wisdom that can heal and guide us. This inner wisdom, or intuition, speaks to us in different ways at different times. It is not dependent on I.Q. or education, but more on our willingness to allow it. It seems to be part of a larger coordinating force that guides nature and all of life. Like animals, we also have built in instincts designed to keep us safe, healthy and balanced, in the right place at the right time, and in harmony with the greater ecosystem.


This deep guidance system comes as standard equipment, built in at all levels of life, from earthworms to elephants. It seems to be a function of life itself. The difference between animals and us is that we have the ability to override this system. We do this often to the point where we lose awareness of our own signals and replace them with signals that come from outside us. We become dependent on outer cues for navigation and ignorant or mistrustful of our own. The effect on our personal lives, our health, our relationships, our culture, and the health of our planet is staggering.


The purpose of this work is to help you realign with your inner guidance system. It involves asking yourself a sequence of simple questions with instructions to: feel, breath, and imagine the results that follow. Although the questions are simple it is not always easy to do. The effects though, can be life changing and have been for many people." 

Whether you choose to do one session, a small series focused around a milestone, threshold or crossroads in your life, or something ongoing, I invite you to reach out to see if we are a good fit.



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