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 All of the Above - Ministry of Love 

Welcome and thanks for being here!

As the name implies, all are welcome here.  The core agreement being that All are manifestations of the One. And that accordingly we treat one another with respect, honouring and delighting in our differences and the richness they bring.

Let me tell you where All of the Above originated.

When I got married back in the yaar 2000, we went to get our Marriage Licence at City Hall and realized that we each  had to pick a religion.  For me, this was difficult! If I didn't want to choose just one of the many offered, I had the choice of "None" or "Incomplete" (uhh - no!). As I sat with the discomfort of this, a little voice went off inside my imagination saying "Allof the Above". Without stopping to think, I asked the City Hall woman if I could put down All of the Above as my religion. It wasn't on the form so she kindly informed me that she needed to get back to me.  After about 20 minutes, she returned and told me that she had called the Ministry and they agreed to convene a committee to decide if this was a acceptable.  If they chose yes, our Marriage Certificate would arrive in the mail in 3-4 months, but if they said no, our marriage would be null and void and we would have to get a new licence, and re-do the ceremony as well. 

We decided to take the chance, and sure enough, the Marriage Certificate arrived the following spring and my religion appears as All of the Above.  

Of course I am delighted to officiate weddings! But I also provide Counselling and End of Life Care, as well as Circles and Ceremonies in tune with the cycles of nature and the needs of our hearts.

Check out the drop down menu for more information and please reach out if you feel the call.

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