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40 Days

My story in prose, poetry and song, as told to my father who left this world when I was 40 days old. 

Please read everything on this page before listening.


I offer 40 Days as medicine.

It may not be easy to receive.

May we all somehow find union

with the Loving Presence within,

no matter where life takes us. 

Make yourself a simple sanctuary in which to listen


This is a tale best told and received in a sonic sanctuary that can hold and enfold the waves of emotion that might arise as you listen.

If you decide, when the time is right, to join me for the journey, know that we will visit the subject of death with an intimate embrace, and we will walk the treacherous terrain of childhood trauma and its devastating echoes of dissociation and debilitating mental distress. But rest assured dear listener, that lotus flowers of healing and creative artistry will rise from the dark murky depths, and inshallah you too will inhale the sweet scent of the rose as you dare with me to honour its thorns.


40 Days was created with support from the
Toronto Arts Council and the Ontario Arts Council 

This audio version was created for a digital radio storytelling broadcast in collaboration with Outside the March Theatre Company
and was made possible by the Ontario Arts Council

Thanks to Michael Moon for sound production mentorship, mixing and mastering.
Thanks to Yasmina Ramsey for creative midwifery.

Thank you for listening
I welcome your feedback

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